[Planet Green – The Discovery Channel] 24 hour all environmental cable

Sundance Channel [Green Programming]

A Crude Awakening:  The Oil Crash


Atomic Café


Black Gold (

Blue Vinyl (Bullfrog)

Build Green (Bullfrog)

Bullfrog Films (

Burden of Dreams (Werner Herzog)

China Blue

Close to Eden

CNN People Bomb

Dersu Uzala

Discovery Network (Planet Green) (

Earth Cinema Circle (

The Element [Sir Ken Robinson] (

Escape From Afluenza

Everything’s Cool:  A Toxic Comedy About Global Warming (2007)

Farming the Seas (Bullfrog)

Fast Runner

Fitzcarraldo (Herzog)

Flow (

Food, Inc.

Frankensteer (Bullfrog)

Fritz Lang’s Metropolis

Herdsmen of the Sun (Werner Herzog)

In the Hands of the Raven


Life (Bullfrog)

Life and Debt

Life Running Out of Control (Bullfrog)

Manufactured Landscapes (2007) [Zeitgeist Films]

Men With Guns


One Week (Buster Keaton) (1920)

Our Political Environment:  Environmental Policy, Corporate Ethics, and Global Warming:  A video interview with Peter Matthiessen (October 2004)

Recycled Life (2006)

Sundance Channel: The Green (

The Cove (2008) (

The Future of Food (

The Garden

The Lorax

The Real Dirt on Farmer John

The World (Shijie)

The Yes Men Fix the World

Thomas Berry’s The Great Story

Toxic Bust (Bullfrog)

Utne:  A media Reformer’s Handbook (July-Aug ’07)

What a Way to Go:  Life at the End of Empire

Where Green Ants Dream (Werner Herzog) [Worlds of Difference]  [Readings and Conversations Series]